Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves

18 Amazingly Awesome Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves

amazon kitchen must haves

Amazon Unique Kitchen Products

We are about to embark on a journey through some really cool Amazon kitchen must-haves! 

Are you ready for this?!

If you are anything like me, then kitchen gadgets get you pretty pumped up. I’m also a sucker for appliances and anything having to do with organization. 

I also just really love to be in the kitchen. Mainly for eating but I slip some cooking and baking in there every now and then.

Maybe you and your kitchen are BFFs. Or maybe it’s your least favorite room (say it ain’t so). 

Either way, these kitchen items will change the game. 

Now, these things are not just nice to look at. They are not there for decoration. 

No way. These things are useful. They are designed to make your life easier.

I have an almost 9-year-old who begs to wear black eyeshadow almost daily and a 1-year-old that’s favorite activity is pulling my hair. I will take easy wherever I can get it!

Let me say one little thing before we dive in. 

What is truly a must-have will be different for every home and every kitchen and every person.

So it is safe to say your kitchen will probably not be in need of every item on this list. Or maybe it will be!

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Here Are 18 Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves You Will Not Regret Buying

1) Vegetable Chopper


The best thing about this is the time you will save. Oh, and also less mess which is always a plus! 

2) Batter Dispenser


Any pancake lovers out there? This is for you!

3) Cutting Board


This cutting board is foldable. Need I say more?!

4) Utensil Rest with Drip Pad


This is super functional and super affordable. And it comes in so many fun colors. 

5) Ziploc Bag Storage Organizer


This is one that I am getting for myself. Drawer organization for the win!

6) Egg Cooker


I have this and use it all the time. My house is full of egg lovers. 

7) Knife Block


This may not seem overly cool or exciting but it’s definitely a kitchen staple.

I also love something like this if you are trying to declutter your space. Declutter and then replenish with the basics!

8) Utensil Set


This is another kitchen staple. It’s useful and it also would look really nice on any counter.

9) Garlic Press


I could not live without one of these. Garlic is one of my love languages! 

If you love Halloween or just want to add some fun to your kitchen, check out this Gracula Garlic Crusher.

10) Clip on Strainer


Does everyone need one of these? Yes. Definitely yes.

11) Air Fryer


I use mine every single day. This is hands down my favorite thing to use in the kitchen. 

Instant pots are pretty awesome too. When it comes to higher-priced items, take the time to do some research in order to be absolutely sure they will actually get used. 

12) Microwave Omelet Maker


This also comes with an egg poacher container!

13) Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Anything that can simplify breakfast time is a winner to me. (this waffle stick maker is pretty cool too and how could I forget this incredibly cool cereal dispenser)

Oh, and I don’t know if I would consider these mini waffle makers must-have items but I am slowly convincing myself that I need them. 


14) Cold Brew Maker


My favorite thing about this gadget is it is a money saver. Iced coffee holds a special place in my heart but my wallet is most definitely not as big of a fan. 

15) Cast Iron Skillet Set


I can vividly remember my mom being excited about getting new pans when I was younger. These pans make me understand why!

Here is another pan set that would be a great addition to any kitchen. 

16) Meat Claws


I love the name of these… but they are also quite handy!

Shredding meat with claws could also be a great stress reliever!

17) Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper


A must-have for popcorn lovers! 

18) Cookie Scoop Set


Something that makes cookie making easier? I’ll take two!

This cooling rack is a great thing to have too if baking is your jam!

BONUS ITEM: (technically this would be more like a bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus item since I snuck a few in earlier but I don’t see the bonus item police anywhere)

I bought this cake stand as a birthday gift for my sister who loves to bake. It’s super fun and functional which is a winning combo in my book.

I hope you found some items on this list that will make your kitchen a more enjoyable place to be and also add a little personality to the space. 

What are some of your favorite Amazon kitchen must-haves? Share with us all!

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18 Amazingly Awesome Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves

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