How to Save Money Each Month

How To Save Money Each Month

how to save money each month

How To Save Money Tips

Looking for some simple advice on how to save money each month?

Do you want to save money?

Better question. Do you need to save money?

Thinking about how to save money each month can feel overwhelming.

Making a plan with these how to save money tips is not the hard part. The hard part is sticking with it. Staying motivated.

And there is no one size fits all for this when it comes to saving money tips.

Different options and strategies will work for different people.

In my house, I am the saver. I won’t say my hubby is the spender. But he is definitely not as enthusiastic as I am in this department.

I am not a financial planner. I am a mom who has been there. And I have been in many different situations financially.

And all these things take practice. Like anything else you change in life, it takes time. You have to train your brain to act in a different way.

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Here Are Some Realistic Saving Money Tips

1) Budget

Do you have one? Budgets can get a bad rep. For some reason, they are always associated with negativity. But hold up. Let’s think about it a different way.

Think of a goal you want to achieve financially, a trip you want to take or some house updates you have been dying to do. How about some pesky debt you would love to pay off! These goals will only happen if you make a budget. That budget may not be the most exciting thing to set up but it is going to help you get to where you want to go.

Sit down with your partner and put it all out on the table.

Try not to bite each other’s heads off. This may happen if some money is being spent in a way you were not aware of. Or in a way you do not agree about.

What I love most about a budget is how eye-opening it can be. I can remember years ago, not thinking twice about swiping my card here and there. Little amounts we no big deal. But when you actually take the time to add every penny up it can be like a slap in the face.

Did I really spend that much on coffee?


That can’t be right.

Having trouble coming to an agreement with your partner? I would be shocked if you both felt the same about everything! That would be too good to be true.

Here is something that we like to do in my house. Choose something that is important to you. Maybe you have a gym membership and you use it! And this is really important to you. Maybe this fits in the budget and maybe it doesn’t. If it doesn’t then work together to try to find a way for it to fit.

But let each person have a thing.

It can be easy for a budget to feel like you are giving up lots of things. And this kind of change can be scary and very uncomfortable.

Try to change it from giving up things to making a plan for bigger and better things!

2) Cut Cable

Okay, let’s be honest. This can be hard! Do you have shows that you feel are a part of your life? Yeah me too. But are they worth the expense if it is not in the budget? Are you willing to give up other things to have this? These are the kinds of questions you have to ask yourself.

There is Netflix, which is amazing. But you know what I do. Rent my shows from the library. Yep. This may be how I watched 8 seasons of Modern Family in a very short amount of time. I may have been a little late to fall in love with that show.

Having certain channels may feel like a necessity. But I guarantee you will be ok without them.

My husband was so stubborn about giving up cable. And the funny thing is he works so much he is barely home to use it.

Well, he finally gave in and we have never looked back. This is saving us almost $1500 a year!

If you are not ready to cut the cord completely there are other options. Call your provider to negotiate a better price. Or look into smaller packages. Do you really need 200+ channels!

how to save money each month

3) Meal Plan

The way you spend money on food can be a game changer. For the worse or for the better?

Food literally has the power to make or break your budget.

If you do not have a meal plan in place, things can unravel really quickly.

I may be known to get a little hangry. And don’t even get me started on hungry kiddos. Savages!

It takes some time to find a groove with meal planning. But once you got it, it’s pretty smooth sailing.

We have to eat, right? Can’t tell the family they have to cut back on eating so there is no dinner all week.

Finding ways to save money in this department is crucial.

The first thing to do is here is to look at where you are shopping. Some stores are known for having significantly lower prices. Do you have an Aldi near you?

Aldi is great. And I love that they are quite a bit smaller than other large grocery stores I go to. For me, this equals fewer distractions. There is one aisle that has cool random things and household gadgets but I usually avoid it!

Now for the most important part of meal planning!

Take some time to write out a list! Never go to the store without a list.

Do you use the Ibotta App? Earn cashback on groceries!

If you have a plan for your meals during the week you will avoid getting sucked into eating out.

Want to be really shocked? Look over your bank account or credit card statements for the past few months. Write down what you spent on eating out!

4) Stop Eating Out (as often)

Eating out is a star player when it comes to how to save money each month.

I personally do not think it is realistic to say you will never eat out. It seems like setting yourself up for failure.

But eating out should be a fun thing you plan. Either for a date night or a fun family night.

Not an act of desperation when everyone is hungry and saying there is no food at home. And let’s be honest, we know there is usually plenty of food. It is just not what someone wants. But my guess is there are a few things in your pantry that would qualify as a meal.

My daughter does much better when I tell her what is for dinner. Rather than if I haven’t made anything and ask her what she wants. Suddenly, she doesn’t want anything that is in the house and I am ready to order a pizza just to end the battle.

Here’s a fun idea. Have everyone in your household write down a couple of meal ideas. Put these ideas in a jar or bowl. Every week, pick a few out to make.

This is not a magic cure for complaints in the food department but it can’t hurt anything.

And when you limit eating out it makes it something special. Growing up, my family ate at home most the time. But on some Friday nights, we would order pizza. I still remember how excited I was on these nights!

how to save money each month with meal planning

5) Count The Little Stuff

My husband likes to go to the gas station. Usually for some kind of energy drink. It is easy to not think twice about spending 4 dollars. But what about spending that 5 days a week? It adds up.

Write down every penny you spend. Do this for a little while and it will change the way you spend.

You will do a double take at the end of the month. Those small amounts creep up on you.

I can not stress this enough. Count every dollar you spend. Think about it. Even $1.50 a day adds up to about $45.00 a month. That amount would pay my utility bill!

6) Save your change

We keep a cup in our bedroom where all of our loose change goes. Throw it in an forget about it. Holy moly this can really add up.

I used to work at a bank and that is where I got hooked on saving our coins. I would see people come in and have hundreds of dollars in change.

You want this to really add up quickly? Throw your $1’s and $5’s in there.

Let’s make this even more fun. And motivating. What is this money going to be for? Write that on a piece of paper and tape it to the outside of your container. Something to work toward and something to look forward to!

7) Be A Sales Shopper

Clearance baby! This is my jam. I do not pay full price for clothes. Really for anything. I am always looking for those red stickers.

And I don’t mind looking at the clearance. Last week whatever I am buying was full price. So. it is just silly to not consider clearance.

I also have no problem going to second-hand stores.

Another key to this is mainly buying the things you need. Not everything you want!

Want to earn money for shopping? Who wouldn’t?

Use Ebates and you can get paid for shopping online. I will never say no to free money!

8) Coffee At Home

Do you ever feel like Starbucks is calling your name? I do. But dang at almost 6 bucks a pop for my drink of choice I had to get over that feeling. Now I buy the Starbucks cold brew from the store. A big thing is 5 dollars. Lasts me 5-7 days depending on the size I need daily. And that saves so much money.

And I have my amazing Keurig for those days when I need a hot cup of coffee.

I will not give up coffee. But I have no problem not spending an arm and a leg on it.

9) Keep track

Keeping track of everything. Money going out. Money coming in. If you keep up with this, it will be easy to see a change. And this is crucial for staying motivated.

Remember those goals I mentioned earlier. This is where you get to see how you are doing. See the changes that are happening.

Keeping up with this will eventually become like second nature.

And how fun to keep track of what you have accomplished!

10) Have A Plan

And here is that hard part again. Stick to it. It is easy to stray off course or even make excuses of why it is not that big of a deal. But remember why you started this in the first place. Did you just want to save money? Or was it a necessity? I have been on both sides.

Have a set plan. Have goals you are shooting for!

How often are you going to sit down and look over stuff?

This is not just a one-time talk and then hope for the best.

This has to become a lifestyle change.

All of these things are in no way saying to cut out things you love and sit at home all day. Moderation. I like to get myself Starbucks every once in a while. So I do. And I don’t beat myself up about it.

Decide where you want your money to go.

Hard work, people.

But a handful of small changes can quickly become a big change.

Another important part of this plan. It will work best if you and your partner are committed and in this thing together!

Even the best-laid plans don’t go perfectly. But the fact that you even have a plan in place puts you ahead.

What do you do if things go off track? Refer back to the plan and go from there!

You got this!

Are you on board with these saving money tips?

Do you have any ideas on how to save money each month?

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How To Save Money Each Month

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