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7 Killer Blog Writing Tips That Are Sure To Improve Your Writing

blog writing tips

How To Write Better Blog Posts

Every blogger out there has searched for some blog writing tips. 

I mean, writing is a pretty big part of blogging. 

When it comes to how to write better blog posts, a lot of the information out there has to do with the technical side. And the technical side is very necessary.

SEO and all those things that are going to get our blogs seen are vital parts of blogging success. 

The tips I am going to share are not related to those things. 

Like I already said, the technical side is crucial. You need to know that stuff. 

But there is another side to blogging success. Think of this as the personal side of writing great blog posts. 

These ideas have made a big difference in my writing. They can definitely help you too!

Here Are 7 Blog Writing Tips That Are Sure To Make a Difference in Your Writing

1) What is The Purpose?

Do I want to inspire? Teach? Connect? Solve a specific problem?

Why are you writing the article in the first place?

If you can not answer this one question then you might have a little problem. Having a purpose for your writing will provide some focus.

Choosing topics just because they look good from a traffic or money-making standpoint may not be the route to go to produce your best work.

It’s easy to get stuck on the idea that you are supposed to write about this or that. 

I know there are certain topics that are considered “smart” to write about. But I don’t think that is the only option.

I truly believe that sometimes people want to read something for connection and relatability. 

If you truly care about what you are writing about, it will show. 

And a huge way to show you care is to have a purpose for the words you are typing.

2) Mix Stories With Facts

People are probably not reading your blog post to discover your life story. 

But a sprinkle of yourself here and there is a good idea. It makes your writing more relatable. 

And we all want our writing to be more relatable. That’s one of the reasons people stick around. 

Put together truly helpful advice and a little personal experience and you have a recipe for success. 

I know that I love to find out random tidbits of information about others. 

Personal stories are also a perfect way to help people get to know you and trust you.

3) Keep it Conversational

Write how you talk. With proper grammar of course!

Sometimes, writing can feel stuffy. It can feel too serious. And sometimes it can just feel boring. 

No need to be overly formal. A more relaxed tone will make your writing seem warm and inviting. 

The next tip is going to really help you keep things conversational!

4) Read it Out Loud

I’m not talking about reading it back in your head.

You need to read it out loud. 

I always do this before I hit publish on any blog post. Sometimes, I even pretend I am at a speaking event. Read your post as if you were giving a speech to a crowded room.

Reading your words out loud gives you a really good sense of how your writing flows. And flow is important! 

Doing this can also help you hear any sentences that may sound a little off or help you notice if you are using certain words a little too often.

I always find a few things I can tweak when I read things out loud. 

5) Mindset

You will not feel like writing every single time you sit down in front of your computer.

We are not going to feel motivated and inspired 24/7. 

The right mindset is going to help you not only write better but write more content quicker. If you are not feeling in a writing mood, typing one sentence may be like pulling teeth. 

Play a song. Read a few inspirational quotes. Take a break.

Don’t force yourself to stare at a blank screen for hours. 

Have a few go-to things that make you feel good. 

And do not be afraid to take a break. Sometimes, a step away may be just what you need!

6) Take Notes

Always have a way to take notes. I use the notes section on my phone. I type random thoughts whenever they come to me.

Thoughts, ideas, and inspiration are not going to fall into your lap the second you sit down to write. They happen randomly throughout the day.

If you don’t put them somewhere, they might disappear forever. 

These random thoughts don’t even have to be complete sentences. My phone is always full of random words or phrases. 

But when you do sit down to write or do some research, these little thought nuggets are great building blocks to start with. 

7) Do You!

Listen up! 

You have unique thoughts and opinions. There is only one you!

Be yourself in your writing. 

It is easy to get caught in the comparison trap. We see other people doing this or that and we start examining all the ways we are doing things wrong.

We can start doubting ourselves left and right. Pretty soon we have fallen down a rabbit hole of negativity and the only conclusion we can come to is that we suck at writing. I am speaking from personal experience. 

If I start feeling like this, I force myself to name something I like about myself. Something I am good at. 

I try to change my thoughts little by little. 

I  strongly encourage you to be inspired by others. But you should also be inspired by yourself. 

DO YOU! You are awesome. 

These blog writing tips may not be what you expected. And they may not be the most popular tips out there.

But my hope is that they made you think about writing in a different way.  

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7 Killer Blog Writing Tips That Are Sure To Improve Your Writing

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