How To Keep Your Home Clean

How To Keep Your Home Clean

how to keep your home clean

Secrets To Keeping a Clean House

Before we dive into some simple (and awesome) tips on how to keep your home clean, let me make one thing very clear.

This is not about having a spotless home every single day. That is just not realistic. 

And another important thing I want to mention is that the idea of a clean home is different for everyone.

Every person out there has a different idea in their mind of what a clean home is and everyone also has a different level of what they are comfortable with within their own home. 

My idea may be different from your idea and that’s fine. There is no right or wrong answer here.

To me, having a clean home is about enjoying the space you live in.

And that is what these tips have helped me do. 

Here Are 6 Tips on How To Keep Your Home Clean

1) Declutter Regularly

Decluttering is one of those things that has helped me tremendously in keeping my house clean.

The less is more mentality can really pay off. I know it has for me at least! 

Stuff just seems to accumulate in all areas of my home. Sometimes, I don’t even know how. It’s like things just magically appear. 

I do a HUGE declutter session about every six months. And every 2-3 months I walk around my house just to check and see if any areas are getting overtaken by stuff. I can always count on my closets to be an eyesore. I swear those dang closets are out to get me.

One huge thing that goes along with decluttering is mindfulness. This is about being mindful of all the things that are coming into your home. 

A couple of years ago, I did a giant declutter in my home and ended up donating 12 boxes of stuff. It felt amazing! 

After that, I was much more mindful of what came into my home. This made future decluttering sessions much easier.

2) Things Need a HOME in Your Home

This idea kind of piggybacks on decluttering. 

When things don’t have a specific place they belong then that is when this can snowball into stuff everywhere. 

This idea especially rings true for my daughter’s room. This room gives me a run for my money. 

She is 7 now and thankfully that means she is very capable of helping me clean her room. But she would keep every single thing if we let her. Literally! The other day I found 3 plastic bags under her bed. Why?!

Her room is never going to be the cleanest room in the house. But I have really been enforcing the idea that everything needs a home or it needs to go! 

This idea works for every single space in your home. If something does not have a designated home, then I really think about whether or not I need that thing or maybe I need to get rid of something else to make room for it.

I actually love the something in and something out method!

3) The Little Things

 I make my bed every morning. This is something I have just started doing in the last couple of years. 

Before that, I never made my bed and I thought people who did were silly. Now I am one of those people that HAS to make the bed or I feel off. 

Making your bed is one of those little things that just make a room look cleaner. It takes just a few minutes and it makes me feel accomplished right off the bat every morning. 

I also fill my kitchen sink in the morning and then wash dishes all throughout the day. 

These are little things that I do that take no time at all and make all the difference. You, of course, don’t have to do the same small things that I do. 

But a few, simple and very small things can definitely have a big impact on the cleanliness of your home. 

4) Clean As You Go

I know what you are thinking. This is not always possible. And I get it. 

But this idea circles right back around to those little things we just talked about. 

Washing dishes as they become dirty. Wiping off counters right after they were used. 

For my daughter, this means cleaning up one toy or game before we move onto another. 

If you are still in the stage with your kiddos where they are exploring and dragging many different things out, then cleaning as you go might make you laugh. Up until about a year ago, we had a toy room in our house that looked like a bomb went off every single night! This next tip is here to help you!

5) Quick Clean

This is exactly what it sounds like. If you can, plan a couple of 15-20 minute cleaning sessions throughout the day.

I am always surprised by how much I can get done when I go full force for just a few minutes! 

Put on some music, set a timer, and get to work. Cleaning is not my favorite thing but music can make it a tiny bit fun. OK, maybe not fun but you get the idea. Cleaning is silence can be agonizing!

6) Basket Clean

This is a good one but it is also tricky! 

If you need to get your house clean in a hurry, walk around with a basket. I mainly use this when a family member or friend wants to stop by without much notice. 

Normally, I like to know plans way ahead of time. But I have become a little more flexible with this. Especially since implementing all these cleaning tips.

And for the record, I know that people coming to visit me are probably not judging how well I cleaned my house. But I like my house to be semi-clean whenever any guests are making an appearance. 

Anyway, I got off track a little there. Let’s get back to the good old basket cleaning trick. 

You just go from room to room and put the mess in a basket if you don’t have time to put everything where it actually goes. Then hide that handy dandy basket and get back to it later. 

The key here is to make sure you get back to it. If you are not careful, your home could become the land of hidden baskets. Am I speaking from personal experience? Yes, definitely yes!

Sometimes it may seem like keeping a home clean is impossible. But the key is to make sure you are setting realistic expectations for yourself. 

There is dog hair on my floors and tiny fingerprints on the windows in my house. And that is OK. 

Find a level of clean that makes you feel good about your home. 

I hope these tips on how to keep your home clean were helpful for you!

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How To Keep Your Home Clean

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