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Stuck in The House With Kids

Stuck In The House With Kids? Here’s What I’m Doing To Stay Sane

stuck inside with kids

Things To Do When Stuck At Home

We are all in the same boat. Stuck in the house with kids!

These are challenging times. Being told to stay inside due to sickness is not something we have dealt with before. 

What we are going through is nowhere near what our normal lives consisted of.

Being trapped in the house with kids for an unknown amount of time is terrifying. 

The Best Family Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

21 of The Best Family Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

family Christmas traditions

Christmas is almost here and my excitement is growing every single day!

Do you love the holidays as much as I do? I’m going to assume the answer is yes!

Family Christmas traditions may be one of the things I look forward to most. Most of the traditions on this list are things I have been doing since I was a kid.

Doing them with my husband and daughter brings back so many amazing memories and creates so many new memories. The cold weather that comes during the holidays may not be my favorite. But the time well spent with my family more than makes up for it. 

Bedtime Routine Tips

Bedtime Routine Tips: 7 Tips To Help Bedtime Go Smoothly

bedtime routine tips

Bedtime can be a beautiful time. Or it can be one of the most hectic times of the day.

Hopefully, these bedtime routine tips will take you a few steps away from hectic. 

When it comes to kids and sleep, the struggle is real. 

Now, we may not be able to make bedtime go off without a hitch every night. But I can guarantee we can make it a little less painful. 

Fall Bucket List Ideas

35+ Fall Bucket List Ideas to Try This Year 

fall bucket list ideas

Before we get to all the awesome Fall bucket list ideas, there is something I have to share!

I was cold today! 

It’s not really cold. But those first cool days in September really get to me. I can feel Summer slipping away and I don’t like it. 

I feel like I am saying goodbye to an old friend that I won’t be seeing for about 9 months! 

Goodbye tank tops and sweaty foreheads. So long to awkward tan lines all over my body. 

Morning Routine For Kids

How To Create A Morning Routine For Kids

morning routine for kids

Daily Routine For Kids

Did someone say routines?

Routines are my love language. I am not exaggerating! 

I am not sure kids would be as excited by the word routine. But even if they don’t say it out loud they do like it. They like to have an idea of how things are going to go. It is a comfort to know what to expect.

Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas You Need To Try

inexpensive birthday party ideas

Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Looking for some inexpensive birthday party ideas

Need some inspiration when it comes to birthday party ideas for kids?

If the answer is heck yeah then this is all for you!

It is time to simplify birthday parties. A lot. 

Do you know what we all have in common?

How To Live On One Income

How To Live on One Income: 9 Tips To Help You 

how to survive on one income

Are you facing a hard decision? Is the thought of learning how to live on one income on your mind?

Let me start this off by saying that living off one income is very possible. My family did it for over 5 years. It may not seem possible when you are staring down all these new changes and challenges. But it really is!

Talking about money is obviously a necessary conversation but not always a crowd favorite. 

It can be easier to keep putting these conversations off. But one day the elephant won’t fit in the room anymore. Rip that band-aid off sooner rather than later. 

Best Gifts For Kids

Best Gifts For Kids

best gifts for kids

Cool Gifts For Kids

Want to find the absolute best gifts for kids? You’re in the right place.

Kids can be tough to please. They are brutally honest. And they are definitely excellent critics.

Consider this list of cool gifts for kids the answer to all your problems in the gift buying department.

Finding the “right” gift is no easy task.

The work is done for you here. Good luck choosing just one!

Date Night Movies

 Date Night Movies That Everyone Will Love

date night movies

Best Movies For Couples

Let’s talk date night! More specifically… date night movies!

Everyone loves movies. And it is definitely at the top of the list for date night ideas.

But what happens when it comes to picking the movie?

You want something both people will enjoy.

I get annoyed by the “chick flick” and “guy movie” thing.

I happen to think a lot of men enjoy a romantic comedy. Just like a lot of women enjoy an action film.