Ways To Be Kind To Your Child

13 Ways To Be Kind To Your Child

ways to be kind your child

Think of all the things you do for your kids. I’ll give you a minute.

Hot dang, that list is long. Pat yourself on the back.

Now, I have a question for you.

Is one of those things showing kindness?

Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t. No judgment here.

I think a lot of days we go through the motions of taking care of everyone and everything. And things like kindness and patience take a backseat.

Listen, ladies. Life is hard. Parenthood can seem more like a battlefield some days. Real Talk!

Even on the hard days, you are still awesome. The days you need to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes. Still killin’ it, mama!

These are just some easy ways to be kind. Nothing extravagant. Just simple ways to be more present.

Our kids do not need grand gestures or anything fancy. Let’s not forget they will eat food off the floor without a second thought. Really hoping that is not just my little piglet of a daughter!!

Here Are 13 Ways To Be Kind To Your Child

1) Read 1 more book

I know. When bedtime finally rolls around we are just ready for a break. We NEED a break is more like it.

But try giving in to the plea for just one more book every now and then.

In the moment, it may be the last thing you want to do. But looking back, you will be glad you read the extra book and got some extra cuddles while you were at it.

Here are some helpful bedtime routine tips you should try!

2) Listen to one more story

Kids love to tell us everything. And they sure can take a while to get it all out. I swear I have heard a 20-minute story about a chip.

Ever found yourself just nodding your head. Saying “oh yeah” every few minutes. I feel you.

But we all love to be listened to.

So, smile and listen to what they have to say. It may be long. But chances are it will at least be a little interesting.

3) Give them 5 more minutes

We have all heard this. The begging for just 5 more minutes.

Give them 5 more minutes of TV. Give them 5 more minutes of playtime.

Their little faces will light up when they ask this and you say yes!

4) Play

Whatever they want to do. Play that with them.

Unless it is cutting their own hair with scissors. My kiddo has literally asked me to play this.

5) Ask questions

Kids have thoughts. So many ideas and opinions. But how often do we just tell them what is going on? I do it all the time.

Not everything can be left up to kiddos. But some things can. Or they can at least share what they think.

Everyone likes to feel included.

6) Let them help

Sometimes it can be frustrating. But I try to remember that one day helping out may not be something they are super excited about.

This one may give that patience muscle a good workout. Which is not a bad thing. I know my patience is not always where I want it to be.

Take a deep breath and let them help.

7) Let them choose

The little things. Dinner. Dessert. The music in the car. The movie.

This is something so small but kids love it.

8) Give a compliment

I find myself saying “good job” all the time.

Let’s be more specific than that.

Did they show good manners? Did they help with something?

Maybe they were kind to a friend? Notice these things and make sure you let your child know that you notice these things.

9) Dig deep for patience

I know. Sometimes, you feel like your patience tank is empty.

The times when it seems like even the tiniest thing could cause you to lose it.

Dig deep. Find an ounce more.

Check out these ways to be a more patient parent!

10) Say “Yes”

Do you ever feel like “no” and “stop” are your most used words?

I am not saying to let your kids run wild and do anything and everything they want to.

What I am saying is to be more aware of all the times you are telling them no. Would it have been OK to say yes at any of those times?

11) Get on their level

This is great for playtime, discipline and anytime you are just talking with them. Get down to their level. And look them in the eyes.

12) Be silly

Let your silly flag fly.

Do you ever just watch kids and think how amazing they are? They are carefree. They will bust out dancing no matter where they are. And they don’t care who is watching.

They are just FUN. Join in on that fun!

Here are some simple ways to have more fun with your kids!

13) Say “I love you” often

And show them that you love them.

Try adding a little extra kindness into the day. Your children will appreciate it. And you will feel good. So good.

You will still be counting down the minutes until bedtime. That will never change. And that’s perfectly OK.

Forgive yourself ahead of time for any and every little thing you think you are doing wrong.

I promise you, your kids think you rock. No matter what. They are in your corner.

What ways do you show kindness?

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