Date Ideas For Couples

16 Inexpensive Date Ideas For Couples

date ideas for couples

Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Looking for some inexpensive date ideas for couples? Look no further. 

Let’s start with an important question. 

When was the last time you went out for a night on the town? Yep, I’m talking about date night?

Was it last week? Last month? Maybe it has been so long you can’t even remember!

I find myself in the “do not remember” boat a little too often. It happens. We all know how it is. 

But then again we do have a say in how it is. This does not mean that you can snap your fingers and date night will be every Tuesday from now on. No matter what. That would be nice, though!

What I mean is that if something matters to you then treat it that way. 

You know the “p” word? Priorities, people! 

Date nights don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. You just have to put in a little effort and plan them. And then make sure to stick the landing. The most important part!

I am all for an at-home date night. Many times this is all I can swing. But there are times when I need to actually leave the house. Need is not even a strong enough word. 

These inexpensive date ideas for couples will be fun and I promise you they won’t break the bank!

And I made sure to run these ideas by my husband. I like to have his opinion. Sometimes.

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Here Are 16 Inexpensive Date Ideas For Couples 

1) Dessert

Ok, let’s be real. Dinner out can be crazy expensive. And you may not always feel like spending $50.00 or more on food. Or you may not have that much to spend on food.

Have no fear, dessert is here. 

I am a dessert person. Give me something sweet after a meal and I am a happy girl. Actually, give me something sweet at any time and I will take it with a smile. 

One of my favorites is going out for some frozen yogurt. Specifically, the places where you get to add all your own toppings! I always add a little fresh fruit so I feel a tiny bit healthy. It doesn’t balance out all the hot fudge I add but no shame in my game. 

Dinner at home and dessert out is a simple and cheap date idea for couples.  

2) Breakfast

Going out for breakfast is much more affordable than going out to dinner. 

And I love breakfast almost as much as I love dessert. Food, in general, is always a winner. That may be why the first two ideas on this list have to do with eating!

3) Hiking

Growing up my parents went hiking all the time. And I thought they were lame. I feel like everything has come full circle. I am now the one searching for hiking destinations near my home. And one day my daughter will look at me as the queen of lame. 

Hiking is a great idea for a day date. And then you can cross exercise off the list at the same time. Two in one. Yes, please!

4) Mini-Golf

My husband loves this one. Maybe because he is a fan of turning everything into a competition. I am not quite as serious about the game. That may be due to my skills. Or lack thereof. 

My dang ball ends up in the water a lot but it is still fun!

The place we go to play mini-golf also has an arcade, batting cages, and go-karts! Look for some kind of family fun center where you can go and run around like kids.

5) Go to an early movie

Going to an early show can be significantly easier on your wallet. And skip the concessions to really make this inexpensive. When I see people buy those five-dollar boxes of candy I almost lose it. Go to the store and get those same boxes for a dollar!

Check your local theaters for discount days. And you can check online to see what time the price jumps from affordable to ridiculous. 

6) Farmers Market

It can be amazing to just be outside walking around.  Talking and enjoying each other’s company. Nothing fancy. 

Grab a coffee or a smoothie. Or a beer. I’ll give you one guess who told me to mention beer? 

This is also a great time to people-watch. Please say you enjoy this as much as I do?!

7) Picnic

Pack some snacks and soak up some sunshine. Or you could swing by a pizza place and grab food. Just look at which place has the best deals going on. 

Maybe even take a nap after you eat. 

A nap under a tree on a warm sunny day sounds perfect to me. Ok, a nap always sounds perfect to me!

8) Bonfire

This can be a fun little date night in your own backyard. Grab a firepit (if you don’t already have one) and you are set. 

This is still leaving your house. Even if it is only a few feet away.

Desperate for a change but no sitter. This is what my husband and I turn to. We have a drink or two and talk. Maybe even make some s’mores. Or maybe just eat the candy bars. No judgment here. 

9) Coffee Date

Say the word coffee and I am in. This is perfect when spending time outside is not in the cards. 

Coffee and good conversation is always a nice choice. 

10) Beach

Spend a day being beach bums. 

Just make sure to stay hydrated. And try not to bring too much sand home with you. 

11) Local Events

Do a little digging and I am sure you can find something going on not too far from you.

Free concerts or movies in the park are good ones. We always have those going on in my neck of the woods. 

12) Bowling

Bowling reminds me of being a teenager and hanging out at the bowling alley. Those crazy Friday nights! 

Now, when we go bowling we would be considered part of the older crowd! The people who join leagues and are professional highfivers! 

 No matter your age. Bowling is just fun!

13) Window Shopping

Do you and your partner have a list of home improvement projects? We do! And sometimes it is fun to go and just look at stuff. 

Or sometimes we look at things that are outrageously priced and pick out what we would get if sticking to a budget was not a code we had to live by. 

14) Go Fishing

My husband has been fishing all his life. And he did not think I would like it. He was very pleasantly surprised when I told him I shared his love for throwing a line in the water.

I went fishing with my grandparents growing up. So, the memories alone make fishing fun for me. 

But taking the fish off is still not my thing. Maybe one day. 

15) Go for a Walk

A walk around your neighborhood would work. But that might not be very exciting. 

My husband and I like to find a nice downtown area and just walk around. There are usually cute little shops and places to grab a coffee or a small bite to eat.

A change of scenery can work wonders. And you really don’t have to spend a dime!

16) Groupon

Looking for something different. You have to check out Groupon. 

This is a great place to turn to for inspiration. And you can find some amazing deals. 

Now go plan that date night! Oh, and actually go on it. 

What is your favorite inexpensive date idea for couples? I would love to hear it!

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