Things All Couples Should Talk About

8 Things All Couples Should Talk About

things all couples should talk about

All couples talk. Hopefully!

But what are we talking about?

The day to day conversations are always happening.

How was your day? What do you want for dinner? Some random thing that happened.

These are things that don’t require more than a few words or a grunt as a response.

But what about the things going on under the surface. The talks that require both people’s full attention.

The talks that are not always easy.

These conversations need to happen. That is easier said than done. We can have the best intentions but then life happens. And those important talks seem to have been pushed to the very bottom of the priority list.

Do you want the good news? You can change that at any time. Today would be a great place to start.

Here Are 8 Things All Couples Should Talk About

1) Money Money Money

Talking about your finances may not sound like a conversation you want to have. But that doesn’t make it any less important.

Every single couple needs to be able to discuss their finances honestly and openly.

Not talking about money can and most likely will cause major frustrations at some point. I am speaking from experience.

People can have very different views on money. So it really is vital that you sit down with your partner and put it all out there.

2) What’s going on in the bedroom?

Did you cringe a little reading this one? I get it. I think most of us get it.

Why is bedroom business such a touchy subject?

This can be a challenging topic to bring up. But I think it is like getting into a cold pool. You just have to jump in and get used to it. No tip-toeing slowly in.

Pull the band-aid off and just start talking.

Putting it off over and over again only makes it worse. Isn’t it like that with most things?

Put something off for long enough and it will grow into a monster of a thing that seems almost impossible to bring up.

3) Goals

Personal goals. Family goals. Financial goals.

You should want to share all your goals. Goals for yourself and the goals you want to achieve together. Support from your partner is a beautiful thing.

Read all about how to set and achieve your goals!

4) Feelings

I’m talking about all the FEELINGS! Not just the pleasant ones.

We should always be able to say how we are feeling. This is not to say that these conversations will be easy. They will not be.

But keeping our feelings bottled up usually does not end well.

This is so important. It is a topic that just doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Human beings feel a lot more things than happiness. But a lot of times we don’t necessarily want to hear about the hard stuff. Fears or sadness. We want to stick with happy and call it a day.

We can do better.

5) Things that hurt you

Even if it seems silly. If something is legitimately bothering you, it matters. And you need to talk about it.

It can be easy to make excuses for things that hurt you. Maybe it is something small and you feel like there is really no need to bring it up.

Every single person is different and we are allowed to feel however we feel. Just because something doesn’t bother someone else that does not mean it can’t bother you.

6) The future

If you want a future together then talking about the future is a necessity.

Are you both in the same lane? Or at least going in the same direction.

Talk about next month. Next year. Five years from now.

7) Kids

Do you want kids? How many kids? All that good stuff. These conversations need to happen before kids are even on the radar.

And then there will be endless conversations about kids once they are in the picture.

This is actually something I am working on. My husband expressed that I tend to take charge and basically take over when it comes to our daughter.

It is crucial to discuss the big decisions that are made for your kids. And the little ones. It can be easy for the parent who is home more to make decisions without asking their partner.

But a parent being home less often does not mean they do not want just as much of a say in what’s going on.

8) Your Childhood

This is one of my favorite conversations to have. Sometimes, the hubby and I will talk for hours just swapping stories from our childhood.

Mainly funny stories about all the silly things we did and the ridiculous-looking clothes we wore.

But we also talk about some of the serious stuff. This is really great for learning to understand someone on a deeper level.

There is always something to learn about your partner. Isn’t that amazing to think about? You can be with someone for years and years yet there will always be little nuggets of information that you had no idea of.

The deep stuff is where it’s at!

And talking is a pretty important component of any relationship.

Have any conversation topics to add to the list?

Share away!

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8 Things All Couples Should Talk About

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