The Little Things In Marriage

The Little Things In Marriage

the little things in marriage

Do the little things in marriage really make a huge difference?

They most definitely do.

Those little things help build a strong foundation. They have the power to make or break a relationship.

The best thing about all those little things in a marriage is that they are easy. No rocket science is required.

You don’t have to read a book to figure these things out. Although, books on relationships are great. And reading one can make a massive difference.

But this isn’t getting into the deep-down stuff. This is about those small day-to-day things that drift off over time like a ship into the setting sun.

The truth is at the beginning of every relationship all these little things were being done without a second thought.

Over time, the little things fade and become non-existent.

And this is not a blame game. Both sides play a part in this.

The important part is to stop, take a second and realize that everything is not sunshine and rainbows.

Well, most relationships will never be all rainbows and sunshine. But we can aim for a half rainbow and mostly sunny. That seems realistic.

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Here are 15 Little Things in Marriage…That Will Make a Big Difference

1) Hold Hands

This is something so simple. But it is often something that goes away after time in a relationship.

Whenever I see a couple holding hands, it warms my heart.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move and grab your partner’s hand!

2) Cuddle

There is most likely one person in every relationship that is way more into cuddling. In my relationship, that is definitely me.

No need to cuddle for hours on end. Just a few minutes will work wonders. Try cuddling for 10 minutes before bed.

3) Kiss

Ever have trouble remembering the last time you kissed your partner on the lips?

Yes, people are busy. But a kiss on the lips takes no time at all.

Kiss hello. Kiss goodbye. And always kiss goodnight.

4) Have A Song

Do you and your partner have a song?

Having a song makes me feel like a giddy teenager. And I mean that in the best way possible.

That song could come in handy on the tough days. 

5) Say “I Love You”

Even when you are mad. Or stressed. Or whatever you are feeling.

Look your partner in the eyes and say it.

Don’t ever hold back those words as a form of punishment.

6) Say “Goodbye”

Mornings can be especially hectic. But it takes less than 10 seconds to make sure you said goodbye. This is such a small thing but it could really cause some hurt feelings.

I feel like people fall back on the word busy a lot. Don’t be too busy for the things that really matter.

7) Basic Manners

Say please and thank you.

There is no excuse for basic manners to go out of the window.

It takes very little effort to just be nice. 

8) Keep Quiet(sometimes)

Sometimes your job is to just listen. Let them let it all out and just listen.

This is a struggle for me! I am a talker. But my husband has really opened up during some of the conversations where I have barely said a word. 

9) Date

Date your spouse. This is important. And it does not need to be extravagant.

An at-home date night will do just fine. (Use these TableTopics to keep the conversation flowing)

These inexpensive date ideas will come in handy when you need to actually leave the house!

10) Say “Sorry”

You made a mistake. Said something you shouldn’t have. Say sorry.

Never underestimate the power of a sincere apology.

11) Little Surprises

Do little things just because. Make a dessert your partner loves. Mow the grass.

Simple gestures to show love and appreciation.

12) Space

Everyone needs a little space. Some more than others.

Give your partner and yourself the gift of a little alone time.

13) Send a Sweet Text

I make sure to text my hubby every single day. Just a little something to show that I am thinking of him.

A sweet text. A sassy text. Hey, even a sexy text. Whatever you want.

It feels good to know someone is thinking of you.

14) Be Grateful

Say something you are grateful for.

Some couples fall into a rut of only seeing the negatives. Always finding something to be annoyed about.

I did this. I was a pro at this. And I still catch myself being overtaken by negative thoughts. Little annoyances that bother me more than they should.

I make a constant effort to show gratitude every day.

15) Give In (sometimes)

Let them pick the restaurant. Or pick the movie.

Give in to some things without the need for a discussion. If you do this, chances are your partner will do the same.

I think good energy breeds more good energy.

And just to be clear, this is very different than being a pushover.

Do you do these little things in your marriage?

Remember that a perfect marriage does not exist. Just like there are no perfect parents.

But aim to have a thriving marriage.

There will always be disagreements. Bad times. Hard times. Times that push you to the limit. But this does not mean your marriage is not successful.

Are you trying?

Trying is a success. Even if it is a messy success.

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The Little Things In Marriage

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2 responses to “The Little Things In Marriage”

  1. Della Avatar

    These things are all important, but here is a very important thing, too. HUMOR. Keep the fun and humor in your marriage-Look for ways to interject it into every single day. Believe me, this keeps things going forward! (Married since 1993)

    1. Chelsey Avatar

      Oh yeah! Humor is so necessary for a marriage! Thanks for stopping by!

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