How To Keep Your Home Clutter Free

How To Keep Your Home Clutter Free

how to keep your home clutter free

Clutter-Free Home Tips

This is all about how to keep your home clutter-free. And I don’t know about you but a clutter-free home is my jam. 

Clutter is my arch nemesis. OK… it might not be quite to the arch nemesis level but it definitely ranks high up on the list of things I could do without.

Mess and stress go together. They are buddies. They love to hang out and gossip. 

A mess that our eyes can not escape will inevitably start to take a toll on us. 

These tips are here to help. These ideas are here to relieve some of the pressure. 

The benefits of decluttering are endless. You will never regret making your space more manageable and, of course, more enjoyable for you to be in. 

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Here Are 5 Ideas All About How To Keep Your Home Clutter Free

1) Assess The Situation

Look around you. Maybe go look under some beds or open some closet doors.

Take inventory in a way.

Get a feel for what you’re working with. 

Write down areas that need some attention. Be specific with this. The more specific the better. 

Going in without a plan or just winging it is not the method to use here. If we are serious about creating a space we love then the details matter. 

In order to keep a home free of clutter, we first have to take steps to create a clutter-free space. 

2) Purge Your Little Heart Out

Is there too much stuff in your home? Are you starting this from a place of excess?

Many of us have a lot of stuff. But much of it is just that…stuff.

It is not sentimental. It is not even serving a real purpose. It’s just there. Taking up space. 

And having an overly crowded physical space can wreak havoc on us mentally. 

Now, purging or decluttering your space is not a one-and-done type of thing. The first time you set out to do this will be an adventure. And it could be a longer process than we plan for.

But I think taking our time with this step and really doing it right makes all the difference. It might take some time for the results to really sink in but eventually, you will see that having less really is more. 

Make a list and work your way through it. That’s the only way to do it. 

Saying goodbye to certain things may not be as simple as it sounds but it is making room for the things that really matter. 

This book is a great tool you can refer back to over and over again. 

Also, here are some super helpful lists I make to keep my life organized

3) Be Mindful of What You Bring into Your Home

Do you know what is so easy? Acquiring stuff. 

I know I am not the only person that has been knee-deep in a closet full of things that I don’t even know where half of it came from. 

If you have done all the work of decluttering and organizing then why would you want to start bringing random stuff into your home again? 

You have to get picky. You have the right to be very picky when it comes to what takes up space around you. 

This is not easy. But the payoff is huge. 

One simple thing that can have a massive impact is taking some time before you purchase or acquire new things. Sit on it first. This one thing has been a game-changer for me. 

4) Envision The Space You Want To Create

I love to do this. 

This can be incredibly helpful if you find yourself struggling with being picky about the thing that comes into your home. 

This step undoubtedly makes all the difference if you find yourself sliding down that slippery slope of letting stuff take over. Allowing things to rule your home. 

One thing here and there might not seem like a big deal at the time. But think about what that will create in the long run.

You could even grab a journal and write about the type of space you want to create. Writing this down can really make it real.

And it’s so helpful to think of the vibe you are going for and put words behind it. 

5) Check-in Regularly

Am I content with my space?

Does my home make me feel good? 

Check in with yourself on a regular basis. Checking in is the best way to hold yourself accountable. 

I highly recommend grabbing that journal again we just talked about to keep track of everything. This can help you make sure your thoughts and ideas stay aligned with your actions.

You could also jot down on post-it notes phrases that help you stick to your guns. Things such as…

A clutter-free home makes me feel good. 

When there is too much mess, I feel overly stressed.

Less is more. 

I deserve to love the space I live in. 

Now, this might seem silly but who cares. Do it anyway.

Words written down have power. Don’t underestimate the impact that something seemingly small may have. 

This is not about creating a perfectly organized and pristine house. No way.

That is completely unrealistic. 

I do, however, feel that most of us are just working with a tad too much stuff. 

And stuff can be great and fun and all that jazz. Until it’s not. 

So this really all comes down to you.

This is about creating a space that brings you more joy than frustration. 

This is about you truly loving the space you’re in. Because let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time in our homes. So it’s important we like them.

Oh, one more thing. If you have kids, then make sure you give yourself and your home some grace. 

Lower your expectations and just do what you can, when you can. 

Have any tips about how to keep your home clutter-free? Definitely share!

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How To Keep Your Home Clutter Free

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