Signs of a Healthy Relationship

12 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

signs of a healthy relationship

Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

Do you have a healthy relationship? 

Really think about this. 

Grab your favorite drink and get comfy! Let’s talk about the signs of a healthy relationship

There may be some areas where you know your relationship is at rock star status. And there are most likely areas that you are well aware deserve a “needs improvement” checkmark. 

Take a minute and evaluate how your relationship is going.

Being part of a happy and healthy relationship can add so much joy to your life. You deserve that!

One more thing. Do not start thinking that all the other couples out there have it all together. They do not.

I consider my marriage a strong one. But it is nowhere near the land of perfection.

The key is to find the areas that need improvement and work on those. Healthy relationships do not just happen. 

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Here Are 12 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

1) You Disagree


Disagreeing is the first order of business on a list of signs of a healthy relationship. 


Disagreeing is part of a healthy relationship. 

Let me make it very clear that I am not talking about fighting which may consist of some yelling and neither person listening. Fighting and disagreeing are not the same things. 

When I hear people say they never argue, I am looking at them through my skeptical glasses. 

You should be able to disagree with your partner. And also be able to have a productive conversation around that disagreement. 

2) You Communicate

And I do not just mean talking about the good stuff.

You talk about the hard stuff. The stuff that you really don’t want to talk about. 

Open lines of communication are necessary for every healthy relationship. 

The lines may get clogged from time to time. That’s ok! Bring that up to your partner and brainstorm how to make it better. 

3) You Support Each Other

This goes both ways. You support your partner and you feel supported by your partner.

Everyone wants and needs a cheerleader in their corner! 

4) You Have Fun

There is a lot that goes into creating a truly healthy relationship. Laughter and fun are definitely at the top of the list. 

If you are not having fun, then what is the point? 

5) You Feel Safe

And I don’t just mean making your partner sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door in case something happens. Or making your husband check that sound you heard in the basement. My house is creaky, people! 

I mean you feel safe being yourself. Safe sharing your fears and goals. Safe to know you can bring an issue up and you will be meant with open ears. 

6) The Past is the Past

Ugh. I don’t like this one. There I said it.

Do you know why I don’t like it?  Well, this happens to be an area I lack in. 

It can be so easy to keep something in your back pocket to use as ammunition at a later time. Is that a good idea?

Probably not! It may feel good for about 1.6 seconds. But I can almost guarantee your relationship will suffer from this.

The thing to remember is this. You can not change something that happened in the past. So what is it solving to bring it up?

I’ll tell you what. Absolutely nothing. 

7) No Suffocating

You should want to spend time with your partner. Of course! But you both need to have your own lives as well.

You are not attached at the hip.

You want to share your life with someone. No need to make them your entire life. 

Also, having your own life and making time for yourself gives you so many opportunities to learn and grow. 

I just finished this book the other night while my husband was playing video games in his man cave and it is SO DANG GOOD. 

8) You Do Things For Each Other

I am not referring to grand gestures. Although, I have always dreamed of someone setting up a flash mob for me. 

This is all about the little stuff. The random text message in the middle of the day. Grabbing their favorite snack from the store. Letting them pick the movie. 

Do things that show your partner they are on your mind and they are important to you. 

9) You Are A Team

Keeping score has no place in a relationship. And even if it did, you and your partner are on the same team.

Pass the ball back and forth, friends. A healthy relationship happens when both of you are working together!

10) You Trust Each Other

No need for a detective in the relationship.

Just for the record, if there was an open position in a relationship for a detective then it would belong to me. What can I say? I watch way too many crime shows. 

When it comes to signs of a healthy relationship, trust is a big one. BIG!

11) You Bring Out The Best in Each Other

My husband brings out the silly and carefree side of me.

I may or may not have a massive worrying problem. It is an area that I am always working on. 

He has this amazing ability to balance me out. And I am so thankful for that. 

Be with someone that brings out all the beautiful things in you. 

12) Kindness is Present

Be kind. A four-letter word that can make or break your relationship.

Be kind with your actions. Be kind with your words. 

Think of how you want to be treated or talked to. And then make the choice to be that way.

If you don’t feel your partner is treating you with kindness, it is time for a serious chat. 

I promise you that your relationship will thrive if kindness is a main component. 

Listen up, friends! Relationships are hard. Hard actually does not even begin to describe it. 

Creating a healthy relationship that can stand the test of time will not be easy. But it will be worth it.

You want to be able to look at your relationship and say that you know it is not perfect. But it is dang healthy. And you are truly fulfilled and happy. 

Check out Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel for a deeper look at ways to help your marriage!

Any thoughts on the signs of a healthy relationship? Please Share

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12 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

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