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Transform Your Marriage

3 Ideas That Are Sure To Transform Your Marriage

transform your marriage

What’s the first thing you think of when you see (or hear or read) the word transform? 

When I see that word I immediately think of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. 

But don’t worry. We are not about to start a deep discussion about butterflies. Pretty sure you knew that but I just wanted to be crystal clear.

Keys To a Successful Marriage

Keys To a Successful Marriage: 2 Things That Are 100% Needed

keys to a successful marriage

Elements of a Successful Marriage

What are the keys to a successful marriage? 

Are there certain things that absolutely need to be happening in order for a relationship to qualify as a success?

I wish those questions had simple and straight forward answers.

I wish there was a marriage checklist that made things nice and easy.

But here’s the deal.

Things My Marriage Needed

13 Things My Marriage Needed More of

things my marriage needed

You don’t just want to get married, you want to stay married. 

We can all agree on that, right? 

That’s where these things my marriage needed more of come in. 

Picture your marriage as a plant and these tips are the water! They will keep your marriage plant standing tall and strong.

Things I Stopped Doing in My Marriage

5 Things I Stopped Doing in My Marriage (and you should too)

things I stopped doing in my marriage

Things To Stop Doing in a Relationship


No one teaches you how to be married. 

I mean, there are lots of things out there meant to prepare us for marriage. But nothing can compare to real hands-on experience. 

I’m going to start this off by telling you something I’m not very proud of. 

How To Get Your Marriage Back on Track

How To Get Your Marriage Back on Track

how to get your marriage back on track

How To Get Things Back To Normal in A Relationship

Before we talk about how to get your marriage back on track, let me ask you a couple of questions.

Yep, we are starting with questions. 

One of these questions is simple and straight forward. 

The other question is simple too but it’s more about my curiosity. 

Work on Your Marriage Every Day

Little Ways To Work on Your Marriage Every Day

work on your marriage every day

Marriage can often seem like a big picture idea.

But it is time to rethink that. That’s where these little ways to work on your marriage every day come into play.

My marriage improved by leaps and bounds when I started to view it as a small picture journey.

When I started to really pick apart the day to day interactions, that’s when the big changes started happening. 

How to Fight Fair

How to Fight Fair in Marriage

how to fight fair

How to Fight Fair in a Relationship and Grow Closer

Fight and fair. Do these two words go together like PB & J?

Maybe not that well. I mean, PB & J is such a classic and perfect combo.

But the way a couple handles fights or disagreements has a huge impact on the health of the relationships. 

That’s why it is so crucial to figure out how to fight fair with your spouse.

How To Have A Happy Relationship

How To Have A Happy Relationship: Are You Doing These 7 Things?

how to have a happy relationship

How To Keep A Relationship Happy & Healthy

When it comes to how to have a happy relationship, it’s not rocket science. 

First, you fall in love.

Then you live happily ever after. 

Wait! I think we missed something!

How To Improve Your Relationship

How To Improve Your Relationship: 6 Things You Can Start Doing Today

how to improve your relationship

How To Strengthen Your Relationship

No relationship out there is perfect. No relationship is free of challenges or struggles.

So the thought of how to improve your relationship is something that has crossed all of our minds. 

And that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing to make your relationship a priority. It’s a great thing.